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Ocean City Maryland - Make New Memories

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From the Allegheny Mountains in the west, to the white sand beaches of the Atlantic shore in the east, Maryland has so many charms to offer. And right in the middle of the state is one of our most unique treasures, the Chesapeake Bay.

Today, travelers can follow along the nation’s first water trail and in the process discover for themselves the natural splendor, maritime traditions, bountiful fresh seafood (including our iconic Maryland steamed crabs), and charming, historic waterfront villages that define the Chesapeake Bay region.

An outdoor lover’s paradise, recreational fishing, hunting, boating, birding, kayaking, biking and hiking attract millions of visitors every year. And when not working or playing on the Bay, locals and their guests immerse themselves in a diverse selection of land-based attractions, museums, special events and festivals, farm-to-table restaurants, wineries, brew pubs, and national parks, resorts, and arts and cultural sites.

For those with more cosmopolitan tastes, cities such as Baltimore and Annapolis offer unparalleled cultural, shopping and dining opportunities. National Harbor is a mini-city unto itself, a stone’s throw from the nation’s capital and home to the MGM National Harbor hotel and casino.

Maryland’s 18 Scenic Byways offer visitors a chance to explore both the beauty of Maryland, as well as culturally and historically significant sites, all around the state, from the Historic National Road, to the gorgeous farms of Maryland horse country, to trails that trace the routes and history of American heroes such as Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass.

Captain John Smith’s assessment of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay in the 1700’s - “Heaven and earth never agreed better to frame a place for man's habitation.” - still stands true in 2018.

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